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El Ultimo Grito

El Ultimo Grito (Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado)

Born in 1964 (Feo) in London, UK / 1966 (Hurtado) in Madrid, Spain.
Live and work in London, UK.

Founded in 1997, El Ultimo Grito is composed of Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado. Widely acclaimed for its production in the realm of industrial design, today the work of El Ultimo Grito spans multiple disciplines, contexts and media — including installations, objects, films, performances and publications, as well as curatorial, editorial and academic projects.

While anchored in design, El Ultimo Grito’s practice in fact involves a wider-reaching investigation into the nature of the existing (and often inherited) systems — material, graphic, linguistic, philosophical, technological — on which our socio-political and cultural environment is structured. From this point of departure El Ultimo Grito uses its work to develop inventively analytic (and at times playful) ‘new’ representations of these systems, which in turn point toward alternative ways to work, to communicate and, ultimately, to live. As El Ultimo Grito has stated, its practice is “the thing we do to understand the world.”

Fundamental to El Ultimo Grito’s successful and innovative bridging of contexts is the position that the subject and object of investigation are of equal importance, as can be seen in the role its academic activity — Feo is Professor of Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Hurtado co-directs the MA Space and Communication at HEAD_Genève — plays in its overall practice, where it is not separate but rather an extension of its highly accomplished public work.

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