Galería Elba Benítez

Alejandro Campins

Born in 1981 inManzanillo, Cuba.

Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

The paintings of Alejandro Campins conjure dreamlike states and spaces of uncanny landscapes and ambiguous structures, of observed reality and illusory imagination. In Campins work, technique and imagery come together to evoke otherwordly atmospheres that suggest emptiness but at the same time seem filled with a psychological charge that is a powerful as it is silent.

Executed primarily in oil paint (as well as with watercolor and pencil), Campins canvases display a classically-gorunded command of line and composition and a heightened sensibility for chromatic hues and overtones. His brushwork is subtle but assured and his use of color is muted but finaly calibrated, yielding veiled and seemingly weathered surfaces that echo the content of the paintings’ imagery.

In Campins’s work there is sense that past and future are overlaid, remembrance and imagination are intertwined, permanence and impermanence co-exist. Ultimately, the paintings, through their enigmatic simplicity, emanate a quality of timelessness – the timelessness of dreams, of memory, of ruins, even of death. As Campins has commented about his work: “I am interested in simple forms that hide great stories”.

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