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Cristina Iglesias

San Sebastian, Spain, 1956
Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

Cristina Iglesias has compiled a rich and varied body of sculptures, sculptural environments and immersive interventions in public space that draw equally on the vocabulary of architecture as on references to the natural world, staking out an in-between territory between sculpture and architecture and deftly exploring the resulting nexus of physical, fictional and psychological space.

Iglesias’s sculptural work combines material texture with a carefully orchestrated use of light and shadow, often creating spaces within spaces that in turn interact with their larger architectural settings. Much of Iglesias’s work (including her photo-based objects and drawings) generates an intentional ambiguity between the intimate and the monumental, interiority and exteriority, the factual and the fictional, the organic and the artificial, while often incorporating subtly embedded references to literary and cultural sources.

Iglesias has achieved international renown for her large-scale commissions — such as the ceremonial doors to the Prado Museum, the tidal fountain at the entrance to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the extensive interventions in the city of Toledo and her installation in the City of London — that achieve a fully-embraced monumentality yet simultaneously capture a palpable sense of the human body and lived individual experience. Additionally, Iglesias has created a series of interventions integrated into the natural landscape, such as an underwater sculpture in Baja California and a sculptural environment in the Brazilian jungle.

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Cristina Iglesias. Díptico XVIII, XV, XVII and XVIII
Cristina Iglesias. Pozo, 2011
Cristina Iglesias. Under and From the Trees, 2013
Cristina Iglesias. Corredor suspendido I, 2006
Cristina Iglesias. Untitled (Pasillo Vegetal V), 2008
Cristina Iglesias. Vegetation Room Inhotim, 2010-2012
Cristina Iglesias. Untitled, 2012
Cristina Iglesias. Deep Fountain, 1997-2006
Cristina Iglesias. Passatge de Coure, 2004
Cristina Iglesias. Towards the ground, 2008
Cristina Iglesias. Untitled (Minneapolis), 2000
Cristina Iglesias. Estancias sumergidas, 2010
Cristina Iglesias. Threshold-Entrance, Museo del Prado, 2006-2007
Cristina Iglesias. Untitled (Hojas de laurel –... Moskenes), 1994
Cristina Iglesias. Estudio pozos XI (triptych), 2011
Cristina Iglesias. Estudio pozos VI, 2011
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