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Francesc Torres

Barcelona, Spain, 1948
Lives and works between Barcelona, Spain and New York, USA

Known as a pioneer of installation art in the 1970’s, Francesc Torres has created work over the past four decades that has ranged from his early, conceptually-structured and poetically-oriented sculptural installations to his more recent extensive research-driven projects that explore themes of memory, power, politics and history.

Torres’s aesthetic strategies are varied, complex and shifting. Formats utilized by Torres include photography, essays, exhibition curating, film, language-based work, appropriation and interventions in public space. He frequently employs objects — whether artistic or vernacular — as cultural artifacts, incorporating them into installations where their historical charge is exposed while their poetic potential is allowed to emerge.

Throughout his practice, Torres parses images, objects and texts — the photographic index, the signifying object, the written word — as a means to decipher concealed or camouflaged ideological codes. As a result, Torres conceives of his artistic practice as a form of critical intervention into history and a means of exploring overlapping spheres of political discourse, cultural heritage, collective thought and social action.

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Francesc Torres. Lluvia uniforme o algo más de una gota... de agua, 1969
Francesc Torres. Escultura con estría lateral, 1968
Francesc Torres. Análisis descriptivo de las tres... dimensiones (tres puntos de vista), 1973
Francesc Torres. Ocupación de un espacio dado a través... de una acción humana, 1973
Francesc Torres. Diagonal de arena borrada por la acción... del viento, 1970
Francesc Torres. Brillo Triangular, 1970
Francesc Torres. Newsweek II No6, 1991
Francesc Torres. Northern Guernica (Guernica... septentrional), 1986
Francesc Torres. Newsweek II No18 (detail), 1992
Francesc Torres. Pilotos primigenios, 1995
Francesc Torres. Newsweek II No5, 1991
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