Galería Elba Benítez

Painting and Geopolitics

Painting and Geopolitics

Nohemí Pérez, Marwan Rechmaoui, Dierk Schmidt

September 9 - November 13, 2021

The Galería Elba Benítez is pleased to announce that it will launch the new season with the exhibition Painting and Geopolitics, a group show of three contemporary artists — Nohemí Pérez, Marwan Rechmaoui and Dierk Schmidt — all of whom use the medium of painting to reflect on and respond to the conflictive geopolitical issues of our time. The exhibition will open September 9.
The artists in Painting and Geopolitics come from very different regions of the world — Pérez is from Colombia, Rechmaoui is from Lebanon, and Schmidt is from Germany — and their respective approaches are likewise distinct in the degree to which they combine direct observation, personal experience and thoughtful critical analysis. All, however, have developed artistic practices that are deeply rooted in the particular circumstances of the time, place and social and cultural contexts they inhabit as individuals and as citizens. And all have created paint-based artistic languages that are neither strident nor didactic nor journalistic, but rather the expression of accomplished artists who remain fully committed to the enduring relevance of the medium of painting as a means of bearing witness, even in today’s changed and changing world.

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