Galería Elba Benítez

Fernanda Fragateiro

Montijo, Portugal, 1962
Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal

Fernanda Fragateiro frames her practice as a wide-ranging and expanded exploration of space in its multiple manifestations — private, public, temporal, socially determined, gender-defined – via works of sculpture, installation and outdoor interventions.

While varying in scale and drawing on a wide range of reference material, Fragateiro’s work maintains a strong signature style, born of a meticulous minimalist aesthetic of form, color and surface texture. But while this precise formalist quality is often hard-edged, the work itself in its final form is not programatic or dogmatic — to the contrary, Fragateiro’s interventions extend beyond the limits of the object and embrace the phenomenological fullness of the space and perceptual experience in which the both the object and that object’s viewer exist.

Fragateiro frequently employs the method of repurposing already-existing and culturally-layered material — such as silk threads found in a German factory, second-hand books and magazines, discarded architectural maquettes, or rubble produced during Portugal’s construction boom — in order to fashion complex yet delicate works of her own that criss-crossed by an intricate web of inner references to art theory, architectural history, feminist discourse and political revisionism.

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Fernanda Fragateiro. The Reserve of Things in their Latent... State (exhibition), 2017
Fernanda Fragateiro. Common Front, 2013
Fernanda Fragateiro. Common Front (detail), 2013
Fernanda Fragateiro. (Not) Reading Ways of Seeing, 2010
Fernanda Fragateiro. (Not) Reading Brown, A.S. Madeira, Islas... Canarias E Azores, 2010
Fernanda Fragateiro. (Not) Reading Small Art Books, 2010
Fernanda Fragateiro. Unbuilt, 2010
Fernanda Fragateiro. An archive that is not an archive:... accumulation and destruction of printed matter on contemporary art
Fernanda Fragateiro. Building blocks, 2011
Fernanda Fragateiro. (Not) Seeing #2, 2008
Fernanda Fragateiro. Deshenho suspenso (no tempo), 2011
Fernanda Fragateiro. Construir é destruir é construir, 2009
Fernanda Fragateiro. Jardim das Ondas, 1998
Fernanda Fragateiro. Através da paisagem, 2008-2009
Fernanda Fragateiro. Através da paisagem, 2008-2009
Fernanda Fragateiro. Air, earth, water, light, steel and time, 2008
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